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Foto Friday

Local Produce

Local Produce



One of the activities I do that I would consider an interest or hobby is to take photographs- primarily of flowers or my small ones. I love, love, love looking at them and you will find a number of them printed and framed all over The House of Two Gables if you come and visit us! This one is from August 2005. Since moving to our little nest south of the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains; we have tried to become good Southern Gardeners. Our yard has rebelled with force. The general rule of green thumb here is- if it was planted by Ms. Lillian before we lived here- it stays and blooms with abandon, if we tried to plant and cultivate it after we moved here; it will return to the Earth.  Sigh….many, many lovely plants from  local nurseries as well as the Jockey Lot have met their Maker under our care. But the lovely pomegranate tree that Ms. Lillian planted many moons ago still produces it’s super fruit. Now if we could just figure out how to get them down.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday

    • Awe- thanks Sue- it is a nice photo- of course the real genious lies in you- you are an excellent gardener! I’m inspired- I have lots to learn from you in the next few growing seasons! I’ve only managed to keep one rooting of the hydrangea cuttings you gave us alive to date- but that’s one at least!


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