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Not too crabby

Not too crabby







1. The new Children’s Museum in Greenville, SC

2. Prairie Home Companion

3. Barley’s Taproom

4. Tubby time with the small ones

5. quick steamed veggies in the microwave with butter and basil

6.Zuzu’s calling the television PBS

7.An unexpected pearl of wisdom from an unsolicited source-Thanks Will!

8.Non-sequetor comments from toddlers, “Mommy the polar bear doesn’t want you to drink all the coffee”

9. Heartfelt invitations from toddlers, “Mommy- you can come to the bathroom with me if you want to”

10.Leaning over the co-sleeper to spy a baby grinning up at me

11. The Clemson University Farmers Market

12. Older boys at Chik-fil-A helping Zuzu to overcome her “feeling scary” at the thought of going in the play area

13. Sisters

14. the sleepy smell of my family resting

15. the healing powers of echinacia & garlic

16. modern technology making healing easier

17. warnings to get something checked

18.mail-order flowers!

19. invitations to spend time with friends

20.Fresh baked Beach Bread

21.knowing people who care enough to take their day to help a new friend in need


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