Gratitude Journal




1. evening routines

2. Gifts 2

3. Dr Baker, ENT

4. Natalie Dixon’s willingness to give the Momma’s suggestion a try

5. Tubes!

6. A safe return from general anesthesia

7. Classic Trisomy 21

8. A quick and friendly geneticist

9. Dinner on the table

10. A day with the little one

11. Lovey’s attentiveness

12. a certain almost 3 yr old saying, ” Thank you Momma for my salad, I’m going to try it, Mommy I like it!” (even though you know she probably won’t eat it- this time at least

13. Homemade lasagna- down to the noodle!

14. a friend’s crafty ways designing super-hero capes

15. a last minute dinner invitations

16. a rainy day

17. Rainy Day Music- The Jayhawks

18. Fairy wings and tu-tus

19. New Q

20. Lovey’s love

21. “New to us” Zutano duds

22. nursing a baby to sleep w/out any aids

Gratitude Journal




1. Mill House Lodge

2. Coconut Almond Scones

3. Ham & Cheese Croissaints

4. Flat Rock Apple Orchard

5. Amy & her hats!

6. The Quail rolling from back to side on her own!

7. Zuzu’ early morning chatter

8. A new brother in law

9. the love of my sister

10. safe travels

11. Gap shorts from the local thrift store

12. Realizing I work with a pastry chef!

13. engines starting to smoke directly across from an Auto Zone at 7am

14. cell phones

15. new ideas to help the Quail sleep through the night

16. a swaddled baby nursing

17. a greasy plate of enchiladas

18. cream in my coffee

19. Lyle Lovett

20. a dinner invitation

21. swim classens!

22. A big grin after a new first!

23. practice cakes

Gratitude Journal

Old Welk

Old Welk


1. Friends willing to travel with our lively crew

2. Botany Bay

3. Lovey

4. The first day of dance class

5.  “Too much” enthusiasm (term courtesy of The Whammer from Word Girl)

6. A baby giggling with the tiniest of tickles

7. Sisterly engagement

8. Families’ happiness

9. Hearing the sparkle in my sister’s voice

10. Mushroom Tales

11. A new morning routine that allows for more cuddle and exercise time for the Quail

12. Meeting our new brother-in-law to be

13. Taking the long way here

14.  Finding the book on tape disc from the library cd that has been missing since May.

15.  Cuban food thursday!

16. Learning to make your own iron-on transfers in hopes of creating a semi-respectable  Word Girl &  Captain Huggyface costume.

17. Chromosomal Analysis and a friendly geneticist

18. Making it through the paperwork portion of the TEFRA application

19. Good early intervention services provided by the state and county

20. Elote

21. Sky Top Apple Orchard

Gratitude Journal




1. a 6 month old baby successfully nursing for the first time

2. Kathy

3.nice audiologists helping to identify potential problems early

4. the gift of being able to nurse your small ones to sleep

5. kitty-cat pink jammies

6. a smile keeping you company in the middle of the night

7. good friends, good food, a good time for all-especially the kiddos

8. pink tutus

9. silliness

10. sweetness amongst sisters

11. tylenol and coffee helping a migraine

12. kissing the soft fontanel on a baby’s head when you get to feel her heartbeat quicken in response

13. small ones asleep early at night

14. a small meal and drink shared with just Lovey

15. Middle of the night inspiration

16. Baby Ballerinas

17. Red velvet cupcakes

18. pink ice cream cones with gummies mixed in

19. A toddler taking the time ahead to tell you they have to poop

20. competent ENT

21. ear tubes

Gratitude Journal

Not too crabby

Not too crabby







1. The new Children’s Museum in Greenville, SC

2. Prairie Home Companion

3. Barley’s Taproom

4. Tubby time with the small ones

5. quick steamed veggies in the microwave with butter and basil

6.Zuzu’s calling the television PBS

7.An unexpected pearl of wisdom from an unsolicited source-Thanks Will!

8.Non-sequetor comments from toddlers, “Mommy the polar bear doesn’t want you to drink all the coffee”

9. Heartfelt invitations from toddlers, “Mommy- you can come to the bathroom with me if you want to”

10.Leaning over the co-sleeper to spy a baby grinning up at me

11. The Clemson University Farmers Market

12. Older boys at Chik-fil-A helping Zuzu to overcome her “feeling scary” at the thought of going in the play area

13. Sisters

14. the sleepy smell of my family resting

15. the healing powers of echinacia & garlic

16. modern technology making healing easier

17. warnings to get something checked

18.mail-order flowers!

19. invitations to spend time with friends

20.Fresh baked Beach Bread

21.knowing people who care enough to take their day to help a new friend in need

Gratitude Journal



PICT0833Sundays are going to be dedicated to appreciating my life. Many moons ago when Oprah talked about starting a Gratitude Journal the idea resonated with me. I’ve made repeated attempts since my early years to keep a journal or diary and always ended up disappointed in the mundanity of my thoughts when I would look back at it. Was I really that aware of having had pizza and cookies for school lunch on fridays (well knowing me I was).  I’ve often found I have little time for reflection. And reflection is something I want to invite into my life. Early on in graduate school we were encouraged to keep a Gratitude Journal. To think of 3 things we were grateful for each day. Since then, I often find myself making these lists in my head- ranging from the beauty of God’s green earth- to the green peas on my plate- to the episode of Arrested Development that made me laugh out loud. Typically nothing too lofty- but somehow as a whole they seem to show a more accurate reflection on my life at that time when I look back at the lists then prose I tried to create. These lists are simple, concise and effective at drawing up a pleasant memory of that time. So it seems only right that here in The Tao of Tulips I should take some time each week to reflect back on what I was grateful for- in hopes of drawing more of it from the universe in the days to come.

This week:

1. 9 years with Lovey

2. Calhoun Corner’s fresh bread and butter

3. a steady growth curve for The Quail

4.  a job in this economy

5. dear friends inviting us to share their meals

6. chocolate soy milk


8. antibiotics

9. raspberry coconut twists from The Village Baker

10. Broccoli recipes from dear Pam

11. laundry to fold

12. Jodie

13. Big Cookies

14. Sookie Stackhouse

15. Naia

16. Down Syndrome new Mama

17. Edamame

18. cell phones

19. kind police officers offering statistics on auto injuries rather then tickets

20. my blog

21. my family