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Gratitude Journal




1. evening routines

2. Gifts 2

3. Dr Baker, ENT

4. Natalie Dixon’s willingness to give the Momma’s suggestion a try

5. Tubes!

6. A safe return from general anesthesia

7. Classic Trisomy 21

8. A quick and friendly geneticist

9. Dinner on the table

10. A day with the little one

11. Lovey’s attentiveness

12. a certain almost 3 yr old saying, ” Thank you Momma for my salad, I’m going to try it, Mommy I like it!” (even though you know she probably won’t eat it- this time at least

13. Homemade lasagna- down to the noodle!

14. a friend’s crafty ways designing super-hero capes

15. a last minute dinner invitations

16. a rainy day

17. Rainy Day Music- The Jayhawks

18. Fairy wings and tu-tus

19. New Q

20. Lovey’s love

21. “New to us” Zutano duds

22. nursing a baby to sleep w/out any aids


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