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Gratitude Journal




1. a 6 month old baby successfully nursing for the first time

2. Kathy

3.nice audiologists helping to identify potential problems early

4. the gift of being able to nurse your small ones to sleep

5. kitty-cat pink jammies

6. a smile keeping you company in the middle of the night

7. good friends, good food, a good time for all-especially the kiddos

8. pink tutus

9. silliness

10. sweetness amongst sisters

11. tylenol and coffee helping a migraine

12. kissing the soft fontanel on a baby’s head when you get to feel her heartbeat quicken in response

13. small ones asleep early at night

14. a small meal and drink shared with just Lovey

15. Middle of the night inspiration

16. Baby Ballerinas

17. Red velvet cupcakes

18. pink ice cream cones with gummies mixed in

19. A toddler taking the time ahead to tell you they have to poop

20. competent ENT

21. ear tubes


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