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Gratitude Journal

Old Welk

Old Welk


1. Friends willing to travel with our lively crew

2. Botany Bay

3. Lovey

4. The first day of dance class

5.  “Too much” enthusiasm (term courtesy of The Whammer from Word Girl)

6. A baby giggling with the tiniest of tickles

7. Sisterly engagement

8. Families’ happiness

9. Hearing the sparkle in my sister’s voice

10. Mushroom Tales

11. A new morning routine that allows for more cuddle and exercise time for the Quail

12. Meeting our new brother-in-law to be

13. Taking the long way here

14.  Finding the book on tape disc from the library cd that has been missing since May.

15.  Cuban food thursday!

16. Learning to make your own iron-on transfers in hopes of creating a semi-respectable  Word Girl &  Captain Huggyface costume.

17. Chromosomal Analysis and a friendly geneticist

18. Making it through the paperwork portion of the TEFRA application

19. Good early intervention services provided by the state and county

20. Elote

21. Sky Top Apple Orchard


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