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Momma Monday Family Goals

Family Fun

Family Fun



It’s good for every individual and family to have goals for themselves right? Well here are my individual goals for my family!


1. To have a family blog

2. To get the household To-Do list caught up

3. To maintain a family sourdough starter

4. To make cinnamon rolls from scratch early in the morning so everyone wakes up to that wonderful scent

5. To have a regular family dinner

6. Start up a family exercise routine that we all do together to include yoga, walking, swimming and gardening

7.To learn to use a DSLR to better document family life with.

8. To learn to use a photo-editing program to enhance those DSLR shots

9. For each family member to have a good book they are always in the middle of

10. to have a creative project that we are working on with the girls (art/craft/writing/cooking/gardening)

11. To always have a trip to South Dakota, California and Wisconsin planned each year

12. To keep the clutter level in the house down to a dull roar

13. To have a flower, herb and veggie garden

14. To have our household improvement projects prioritized and one started

15. To have ongoing letters to my girls started

16.  To have Lovey’s and my workloads maintained AT work so they don’t infringe on family time

17. Milestone  Calendar formats started for the girls

18. To invite friends over to play at ou house at least one time a month

19. To go to GNO one time a month

20. To have one-on-one time with Lovey, Zuzu and the Quail one time a month

21. To write a children’s story

22. To organize my photos

23. To get started/prioritize my photo projects

24. To learn to download music and have a great collection together of favorite songs.

25. To weed through the extra junk in the house and get it to the thrift store

26. To have a fun activity planned with the girls one time a month- trip to zoo, apple orchard, goat farm, berry picking, etc…

27. To have a comforting evening routine for everyone

 28. To take time to sit and smell the tulips 🙂


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