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Zuzu Tuesday- Swim Classens

FIrst in Line

First in Line

In deep water
Her own duck

Her own duck












Zuzu is on a path to an Olympic Gold Medal. Or at least she’s trying out some new energy burning tactics. This week she started twice a week swim classes or swim lessons- which she has dubbed “swim classens”. She is once again tickled pink as you can see in the last picture as she finished up her first classen.

When I was a little girl my mother sat faithfully in the bleachers listening to Bette Midler’s, “The Rose” blast out of the loud speaker watching me learn to swim. She was not a swimmer herself and felt it was important that someone teach us before we were old enough to realize she wasn’t so keen on it. So off to the Red Cross lessons at the local pool we went. We were the “Hot Shot Little  Shots” dubbed as such when I continually asked Mom when we would get to try the diving board and she finally let Swim Teacher Sally know I was itching to try. Sally brought our young selves to the deep end, got in herself and then called us each in turn as we lined up. No one wanted to go…except me. And I wonder where Zuzu gets it 🙂 When Sally turned to me I was only all too eager to jump into her waiting arms.

Zuzu had recurrent ear infections from 7 months to one year when we had tubes put in. Since that time she has continued to get a handful of ear infections. This fact has made me weary to take her swimming. When we go to the beach either- Edisto or to see Lovey’s family in San Diego we do head onto the beach but never venture far into the water. Even that little bit of exposure has Zuzu bustling with excitement. This winter when The Quail was born we found ourselves all tightly packed in at home as school was closed down due to an odd snow storm in the beginning of March.  Although we didn’t get much, in South Carolina when snow is predicted the state shuts down, you can only imagine when the white stuff actually blesses us the response.  Being packed in with a new baby and an energetic toddler with no access to a usable park made us all a bit stir-crazy and ever so grateful when the school reopened the next day. This experience convinced us it was time to get Zuzu acclimated to the water so the local indoor pool would be an option on a snowy, rainy  or mucky day. So we’ve gone a few times in the last few months. The warm water pool is only 3 feet deep with a 2 foot high bench along one side- perfect for learning to swim.  For $6 for the 2 of us it’s a perfect weekend activity that burns off some energy for her and gives my weary bones a nice soak at an average of 86 degrees.

Yesterday Zuzu alternated splashing Swim Teachers Jared and Erin and hollering, “Look at me Momma!” for most of the half hour. Although I did spy her doing her little pull-along laps with Jared a couple of times as well.  I thought she might be a bit nervous since her habit of stammering that pops up every few months about the time she is ready for another language burst cropped up as we were talking about the lessons on the drive over.  When they called the small ones to the wall to walk from the parents bleacher to the pool itself she was first in line.  When she spied Lovey on the bench next to The Quail and I another round of hollering to watch her ensued. She has no fear that spirited little wildflower of mine!

I’m ever so blessed to join the legions of watching Mommas and Dad’s on the creaky, pooling bleachers as we watch our little wildflowers blossom. What a gift to be a part of the long line of supportive Mommas that have come before us.


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