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Gratitude Journal




1. Mill House Lodge

2. Coconut Almond Scones

3. Ham & Cheese Croissaints

4. Flat Rock Apple Orchard

5. Amy & her hats!

6. The Quail rolling from back to side on her own!

7. Zuzu’ early morning chatter

8. A new brother in law

9. the love of my sister

10. safe travels

11. Gap shorts from the local thrift store

12. Realizing I work with a pastry chef!

13. engines starting to smoke directly across from an Auto Zone at 7am

14. cell phones

15. new ideas to help the Quail sleep through the night

16. a swaddled baby nursing

17. a greasy plate of enchiladas

18. cream in my coffee

19. Lyle Lovett

20. a dinner invitation

21. swim classens!

22. A big grin after a new first!

23. practice cakes


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