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corner view: love, 31 for 21 Day 14

corner view is hosted by the lovely jane. Below is a list of all the worldly participants. On Wednesdays a theme for the next week is posted and each person posts a picture- or in this weeks case a lovely poem that represents the topic from their corner of the world. It is such a lovely way to broaden your worldview!

There were so very many pictures that I thought of when I think of love. I’ve been fortunate to have captured some lovely memories over the years with my camera. I decided to limit them to the first 12 that come to mind though. In it are some first kisses, some kisses of the future to be, some introductions to new babies, some old friends enjoying each other. Some acts of love captured in the moment- like Lovey’s dedication to his dear little daughters and me as a new mother as he takes the wee morning hours shift to feed our newborn so I can rest. A number of moments of family that is spread far and wide across this dear country meeting the newest member. And my favorite my dear girls with their hand joined as they nurse. When I came home from the hospital after the Quail’s birth, sweet Zuzu had just finished up her first 48 hours of sleeping without Momma and Daddy cuddled to her. Dear Gramma had come to be with her while we were bringing the Quail into this world. And each night Gramma would tuck Zuzu into her bead with stories and then go to rest herself and wake up in the morning with a warm little body pressed snug up against her. Zuzu, being the matter-of-fact little person that she is told Gramma that Momma and Daddy were at Baby Quail’s house. When we came home from the hospital that first night she was overjoyed to see us and her new sister. She took one peek at her in her carseat and the first thing she said to her, and rather unprompted I might add was; “I love you Baby Quail, you’re my sister.” We settled into the next to nurse and it was explained to Zuzu that she would now have to wait to nurse since the baby only drinks milk and she can eat and drink many things. She sat so patiently in front of us with a hang-dog expression in her eyes. After a minute or two of her quiet stare I decided to go ahead and let her try in tandem. She curled up, latched on and immediately took her sister’s hand in her own. So very gentle and one of the most precious moments of bonding I have witnessed. We have been blessed with next to no shows of jealousy between the sisters to date. I credit this small act with a large part of that.

Come and visit these corners of the world!

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