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Fave-O-Lit Friday; 31 for 21: Day 30


IMG_004621 Things We Love About The Quail

1. that bobbin of hair at the top of her head

2. the way her eyes crinkle up when she grins ear to ear

3. the way her eyes stay trained to Lovey waiting for him to notice her

4. the way she gets our attention by saying, “Uh!” when she has waited far too long

5. the way she grabs our face with two hands and pulls it to her to taste our noses

6. the way we leave her in one spot, go to get something, come back 30 seconds later and she is somewhere else.

7. the way she nuzzles her bunny lovey to her face

8. the way her eyes light up when you bring out the cereal bowl

9. the way her eyes stay trained to yours when you look at her

10. the way she lets you know by screaming when she’s had enough “affection” from her big sister

11. the way she nuzzles into your neck when you hold her up on your shoulder

12. the way she lifts her legs when you pull out a diaper to change her

13. the way she laughs (heh-heh-heh) when you press your face into her belly and give her a raspberry

14. the way she lifts her little arms up overhead when she wants you to pick her up

15. the way she concentrates so fully on the television when Baby Einstein comes on

16. the way you can feel her heart beat as you kiss the soft fontenalle on her head

17. the sweet baby, milky, yeasty way she smells

18. the way she splish-splashes in the tubby

19. the way she hollars a reminder to come get her if everyone has congegrated in a room that she isn’t in

20. the community that she has brought us along into with her

21. her, just her.

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