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Gratitude Journal

PICT01621. Buddy Walk!

2. Busy Day Cake

3. an impromptu dinner

4. friends in the bakery

5. pumpkins!

6. finishing the small ones Halloween costumes

7. realizing you haven’t finished the Halloween costumes before Halloween

8. smiley children

9. pain au chocolat

10. bread

11. finding where Chula Cat hides

12. catching up with a neighbor

13. matching stripey fleecey jammies

14. a 3 yr old showing off her academic prowess and simultaneously entertaining the baby with Tippy Turtle

15. a 3 yrold muttering “Silly” as she cuts her eyes up and shakes her head at her Momma

16. clarification

17. saying sorry

18. Anita’s Cakes!

19. Offers to babysit!

20. respite

21. the ladybug “flying” around the house hollarin’ “Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Lady Bug”


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