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Momma Monday- Holiday Highlights Week

One of the reasons I love Autumn so much is there is just so darn much celebrating to be done. From first days of school, to end of summer Labor Day celebrations, to football games and tailgates, to the cooling off of our lovely planet and draping of Mother Nature in her colorful shawl, apple and pumpkin picking, to the more traditional festivities of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and a few birthdays sprinkled in for good measure. I’ve always enjoyed the Holiday’s with a kid-like enthusiasm housed in my grown-up body even before having kids of my very own. And now, the joy felt around this little House of Two Gables is unparelleled. Zuzu is heard on a fairly daily basis proclaiming the likes of, “Guess what Momma, tomorrow is Trash Day! Yay!!!!!!”” or “The Quail just grabbed her toy! Good Job Quail!” or “It’s Saturday!!!! ” and my personal favorite, “Next is Brooke’s birthday, and then my birthday and then your birthday!”  Now that the season of 1000 festivities is upon us I can only imagine the the upcoming smiles and good cheer to come!

Since I am quite focused on documenting these joy’s with far too many photographs, we will most likely dedicate the week following each festivity and celebration with a week of our best captured memories. You will notice a new category labeled Holiday Fun where you can catch a summary of our seasonal delight.

Halloween was a funfilled week here. In continuing with Zuzu’s favorite Superhero theme from her Birthday party earlier in the month she was quite insistent on a WordGirl costume and her baby sister joining her as her faithful sidekick- Captain HuggyFace. Thursday night was our town’s Downtown Trick or Treat party, friday was the girl’s school’s Halloween party and saturday rounded out the Halloween fun with trick-or-treating with our good friend’s Tinkerbelle, The Fireman and Captain America.

May you all find the joy in everyday celebrations in your own lives. There is nothing finer.


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