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corner view: contrasts

The Quail

The Quail


screamin' mad

I had grand plans of a series of photographs for this subject. This very thought process is one of the main things I enjoy about corner view. Examining our lives from a new angle and subject matter.  These first shots of The Quail in the first week of life were the  images that immediately came to mind. The contrast of a sweetly sleeping angel of a baby vs the one screaming mad one.  This lulled me into a memory of the early milky nights nursing Zuzu versus the months of trying to learn to nurse The Quail. From there I stumbled into further examination of the contrast getting to know our first child versus our second. The contrast in their natures- Zuzu; a spirited imp through and through versus The Quail- a continually calm presence who seems to watch us with the same intensity with which her sister channels her physical presence that bounds through life and our home . I thought of the seasons illustrated in a series of photographs we have of the spot where Lovey and I became engaged. I thought of a photograph I have of myself as a baby paired with myself mothering my babies. A set of our lovely home in full spring bloom contrasted with another shot of it in a rare snowstorm. The many collections of new buds peeking out of the ground next to later shots of their full-flowering delights spilling over with bloom.

The more I mentally scrolled through my collection of photos the more I saw the contrasts in different points of our lives. It was a wonderful mental entanglement. And then the dawn broke, the baby cried, the coffee overflowed, the washer went off cycle, the toddler’s ice cream cone melted all over the carpet and the cat made a lunge for it and her. I sighed remembering the time I used to have to do what I wanted, when I wanted for as long as I wanted. Then shook off the revery and went to get a paper towel and band-aid to clean up the latest mess. Thankfully the contrasts in my life abound.

Come take a stroll around the world and peek into these corner views:

6 thoughts on “corner view: contrasts

  1. I remember those particular contrasts well …. maybe motherhood (and fatherhood) is a big “Noticing” that changes us. We awaken (if with a crash and a bang) to the world around us 🙂

  2. What a great, insightful post into the world of all the roles you play! And so many of the bummer sides of the contrast are also good problems to have– you know? But it is important that we examine life in all of these new ways and continue to learn from one another! Thank you 🙂


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