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Quail Day- Holiday Highlight’s Week wraps up!



There are decidedly fewer photographic instances of the Quail on Halloween. Not for lack of trying- but maybe a baby’s first Halloween is not unlike a baby’s first birthday. It’s really for the parents- not for her. Yes I dressed her up; yes her sister got to choose her costume and yes she was taken along to the festivities of the week. But at our Downtown festival she slept, during the school party she was at the doctor getting her flu shot and finally by the last and actual Halloween party she was up and dressed but more than a little distressed by all the commotion and cumbersome nature of the added layers of her costume. She was Captain Huggyface- the illustrious sidekick of the PBS hit cartoon WordGirl. We were able to locate a monkey costume for the base layer, then I made shirts for the kids with the advice of a helpful fabric store clerk and a particularly crafty co-worker with home-made iron on transfers. The Quail’s hip-helper therapy pants happened to be a shiny red that coincided with Capt Huggyface’s costume and lastly I had ordered a Hanna Anderson Pilot Hat for both of the girls when I was thinking about the costume and also thought the Quail might have a hearing loss and be in need of hearing aides. I’m happy to report she is able to hear us all too well and the hats are now just costume accessories and not a needed therapy aide. It was a lovely holiday and we’re glad to be able to move on to the more thoughtful upcoming ones.

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