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cornerview: evening


Evenings are not the peaceful lot I idealize them to be in our home. Often with our small ones and our tight work schedules we are lucky to get the frozen pizza out of the freezer in what seems enough time to cook it. Some nights even that seems like a bit too much. I’m a fulltime working, pumping, nursing Momma of 2 small ones with a 35-40 minute commute each day. We have therapy 2 nights a week for the Quail and regular exercises for her the other nights. Lovey has regular office hours some nights of the week as well. Most nights it is all we can do to pick up after our daily selves.
And that transition from their schoolselves to their homeselves is such a trial most nights for those small ones- and for us big ones as well! We strive for a comforting routine and an early bedtime. We value a homecooked meal or a pleasant dinner out with friends and family, fun tubbies and an only reasonably cluttered or “lived in” looking home. We have sippy cups, pump parts, bottles, baby food, toys, books, kiefer and milk to manage and shuffle around. We have Mount Washmore to climb and hack apart and when all else fails; politely avert our eyes from. We have pre-schoolers and babies to wrangle and keep from bursting into sobbing, melting-down, witching-hour-crazed balls of energy. Poor dear Chula the Cat has to make peace with our loud, energetic running around and we have to make peace with her fits when she can stand us no more. Or at least find someone to refurbish a couch or two. 
Someday the peaceful evenings of my daydreams will evolve. And I’ll wonder what happened to my life. Some days I wonder how we’ll make it to the next at this pace. And then the next day I wonder when we should add to our brood. I know these days are chaotic and sometimes stressful. But I also know they are a blink in time and pass before we have too much time to worry about it.

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2 thoughts on “cornerview: evening

  1. when you get to the other side of evenings in your life (the peaceful kind) this will be a fuzzy dream ….. you can selectively remember sweet baby smells, giggles, grins and mini silly messes ….. and you will miss it all 🙂

    good evening ….

    I will be thinking of your quail – for a good healing up and quick coming home

  2. How you have time to blog, I have no idea but I’m certainly glad you do. Thanks for sharing and lot’s of good healing vibes to all of you especially the Q!


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