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The Quail is in the hospital

She spiked a fever of 103 monday and we went to the ped and started up nebulizer tx. 2 nights her breathing sounded bad in the night but then  yesterday she seemed a little better but by evening wasn’t willing to drink/eat much. Fever was averaging 100 with Motrin. We woke up to her crying about 10pm and couldn’t calm her down so took her to the er after about 30 minutes of trying- usually she calms down easily when you pick her up. Her oxygen was dropping into the 80’s so they decided to keep her overnight. Her chest X-ray confirmed pneumonia and she has RSV and dehydration was starting. I’m not sure how long she’ll be in the hospital. What I’m really angry about is that we have been trying for over a month to get her RSV vaccine in and having difficulty-it just came in last friday afternoon but she spiked the fever before she could get it. And another baby in her daycare reported it monday afternoon- so when I heard that I thought it might be but her ped was just keeping an eye on her. Poor lambie had to get an iv put in for the dehydration. Lovey stayed over night w/her in the hospital and I stayed w/our 3-year-old at home. I’m off to take her to school early and then heading over to the hospital.

Please think good thoughts for her.

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