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Gratitude Journal

1. Lovey

2. Zuzu

3. The Quail

4. Chula Cat

5. Motrin

6. accomodating pediatricians with last minute openings

7. nebulizers

8. beef roast

9. the smell of a beef roast

10. fleece clad small ones

11. flexible schedules

12. Family Connection

13. all our friends and families love and concern

14. Nana Dori


16. hospital food (truly love having well balanced meals put in front of me!

17. the Lake & Mountain Quilter’s Guild and their kind gift of a lovely Christmas Quilt for the Quail

18. Connie & Team 1’s thoughtfulness

19. referential gazing

20. the balloon that was the first thing that made referential gazing work!

21. a break in a fever

22. Oxygen Saturations climbing

23. an hour to watch DOOL for the first time in, oh, I think 9 months 3 weeks

24. Our brave Zuzu maintaining the status quo

25. Kindly gift shop employees giving us their discount when they heard our story

26. raiding the hospital giftshop to spoil a couple of little girlies because they deserve it

27. the gorgeous mountain view from our hospital room

28. the stunning sunrises and sunsets from our hospital room

29. Dr. Ragwar’s kindness as she comments how sweet we are that she could just cry- it made me cry!

30. Kid’s Stuff Academy and their kind care for our whole family

31. talks with Mom

32. my sister checking in

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