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corner view: books

Oh the books we do look at!
Oh the books we will read!
We hoard them for cooking, for biking, for camping and growing each seed.
We spy them in every hidden nook and cranny
Lovingly given by each dear Auntie and Granny…
Even a sweet book nestled in the tree,
hung  by a most studious  Elf
Perhaps he meant  it for the kitchen
to join our cookbooks collecting on the pantry shelf
There are books in the car,
Books that travel both near and far.
The baby eats books, the toddler packs them in her bag
Even our new brother-in-law uses them to prop his Christmas tree
when it begins to sag.
We buy them where we find them- library, thrift & Amazon galore.
Why, we will even buy them at the hardware and grocery store!
Oh the books we do look at!
Oh the books we will read!
We never are without them…
We live by their lead.
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