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Quail Day-Milestones Notes

The Quail remains fever free! We are a little concerned about her wheezing. When she went back to the pediatrician for a post hospital visit on monday and she was still wheezing. We were told to just keep up the “breathing treats” and they’ll check her in a week. In the meantime that little rugrat has gone ahead and made a couple of developmental leaps while she’s been under the weather. Referential gazing has started. You know, when you point at the balloon and say, “Look at the balloon!” and by George they do! That would be a true example. My dear work team sent her a bear and balloon in the hospital and it was the first thing that I was able to point at and get her to look where I was pointing! Yay! I’m aware of this term because it was the one area she was behind in when we had her Speech and Language evaluation a few weeks ago and I’ve been watching out for it ever since.

The second I haven’t witnessed myself, but per Lovey- the dropsies have begun as well. You know when you hand a baby something and they drop it off their tray and watch it go down and then look up at you? You know how most parents get annoyed as this little play is reenacted with the same vigor as opening night, day after day? Well here in our house we applaud her with aplomb! It shows some object permanence and an interest in learning about cause and effect.

We also have had intermittent mmmmm sounds. It started at one of the last OT feeding sessions when Kathy was saying mmmmmmm to her as she fed her along with Momma and More and we heard the little rumble reiterated from her tiny mouth. We haven’t gotten it again since, but we’re listening!

The dear little Quail is home with Lovey now. Nana had to return to her life yesterday and we are oh so grateful for her time, her compassion and her company. Both the girls got good quality one-on-one time with their dear Nana and that was the best unexpected gift of the season we could hope for!

One thought on “Quail Day-Milestones Notes

  1. It’s great to hear she’s feeling better. What a year for viruses! Good that she’s an older baby and not a newborn for her first winter.

    Wow she’s doing so well on the milestones. We’ll watch for those around here too.


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