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Quail Day- Who’s My Pretty Baby?

Shortly before Christmas I received the loveliest of gifts from my husband….a few hours alone with a camera, some pretty pink tutus and the baby! I photographed Zuzu endlessly as a baby. I really didn’t want The Quail to ever end up feeling that- “I’m not the only child slight”. You know the trap- after the first baby the baby book isn’t finished, they only wear hand-me-downs, there is never a photograph of them alone. Not that the Quail is really ever in danger of any of those- except maybe being forced into my favorite of the baby clothes Zuzu wore for my own sentimental sake. One of the gifts we received for her from dear Lisa and her family was a little pink tutu for her 6-9 month tiny self. At the time Zuzu was heavily into tutus and ballerinas (still is!) and I dreamed of indulging in a sisterly photo shoot of them dressed up together. That is yet to come, but in the meantime I was able to get a few hundred of our sweet baby in all her sweet-pink and loveliness and will be sharing them over the next few weeks. Here is the start!

5 thoughts on “Quail Day- Who’s My Pretty Baby?

  1. oh my goodness, cole. could quail be any cuter? what a great gift to have a little time for a photo session with your girly girl. the tutu is killer!

    happy new year to your beautiful family!

    p.s. our green baking dish came from crate and barrel and was pretty inexpensive (at the most $20). we got it on sale this fall. if you want something even nicer, take a look at simon pearce’s ceramics. i have a white baking dish from there that is so beautiful and well made. emile henri is also really great for oven to table. if you have something more specific that you’re looking for (color, size, etc.), let me know, and i’ll see something comes to mind.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous…I’m jealous of your eye for a good shot…not something I was born with, of course, with a subject like her, you can’t go wrong.


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