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The Quail- Deja’ Vu

Back we go…The Quail is checked back into the hospital as of last night. I swear she was better! January 2nd our entire HLF noticed a scratch in our throats and some fatigue in our limbs. Lovey seemed to be hit the hardest with the newest cold, followed my the Quail then me. Lucky for us Zuzu had such a rough first year as well germ-wise that she has a tough little constitution now and other then the bout with RSV in December hasn’t really been sick in over a year. We took TQ to the doctor last saturday to check and there was no wheezing, ears were clear and temp was back to normal by sunday. It had only gone up to 99.9 and then immediately worked its way back down. Yesterday when she came home from school she fell asleep on the ride home and woke up cranky- our first sign. Then spit her peas and pears back at us, shoved her bottle away and commenced to crying. Her temp was 99.1. After an hour of bouncing her and checking every oriface multiple times she seemed to be breathing harder with more chest retraction so I ran the nebulizer- after which she promptly through up her sweet potatoes from lunch. Lovey took her back to the hospital ER and by then her temp was 102.1 and the doctors heard wheezing. Oxygen sats dropped to 89 while she was sleeping but generally hovered around 94 so they did a quick chest X-ray, confirmed a new pneumonia and checked her back in.  Lovey stayed overnight with her and I stayed with young Dr. Zuzu. In the midst of getting The Quail out the door, Zuzu dug out her doctor kit and started listening to her own heart. Sweet thing.

The check this morning showed that the wheezing was gone, oxygen sats and temp were back to normal. They’ll keep her today and reevaluate. In the meantime, Lovey gets the hospital spa treatment today, I’ll be hearding the toddler and pounding the payment for offers of food and baby holding. If you see me coming- just smile and offer a hug!

2 thoughts on “The Quail- Deja’ Vu

  1. I wish I was close by. I’d be thrilled to watch the kids and give you a break. Praying that all will heal quickly and no more hospital visits for the rest of the year!


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