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corner view: what we are wearing


babies…inside, on & out, in my womb, in my heart and thankfully in  my arms for the last 4.5 years.

Like Jane I have many favorites, my j.crew boyfriend jeans, a couple of cashmere sweaters, my pearl earrings and a handful of lockets and silver necklaces, my hair down, a black tank, a pea and other woolen coats, a series of Cloud 9 boots to work or Keens on the weekend, a white linen shirt that is blessedly better to wear in its naturally wrinkled state and a slightly lemony or gingery scented lotion behind the ears. The clothes are all in the primary spectrum between white and black. Very few vibrant colors grab me with staying power year after year. The bag over my shoulder is the always in style Medela PISA; the bags under my eyes- not so much anyones style of choice.

Usually what wins out on a good day is that freshly showered look. You know- actually having taken a shower? Each and every day? Oh what a glorious dream! More likely is freshly brushed hair, a slightly milky scent and a quickly wiped off patch from whatever substance one of the small ones has regurgitated back on me in one form or another during an early morning cuddle. The daily scent on a chaotic day is more than likely last night’s pesto, the color scheme is the orange and white fur of Chula from her early morning cuddle with which ever warm fuzzy I set out in supposed preparation for the day. My style? definitely waffles from late baby to early preschooler: AKA tired momma

Check out the stylish Jane and her stylish followers:

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