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Gratitude Journal

1. Capable surgeons

2. Caring Grammas

3. Warm thoughts from loving family and friends holding us fast  and staying vigilant through the long worry-filled nights

4. The Quail 2.o

5. Pink triangle boy & girl cakes

6. Gramma getting cuddle time

7. the presence of such determined and strong-willed children in my life & home

8. an awesome support system

9. Auntie’s sending characters of comfort

10. Uncles sending Texas brisket to keep us strong

11. A Quail rocking her scar

12. A fast friendship between a certain Gramma and Chula Cat

13. An understanding boss and work environment during a trying time

14. health insurance

15. The Daily Show & Colbert Report

16. infinitely cheerful children

17. Carolina Cremes

18. A speedier than anticipated recovery

19. A new chomper

20. A confident & self-reliant 3-year-old cheerfully showing Gramma through the days of our nest

21. A strong-spirited baby who inspite of having a pin-size opening through which to nourish herself for the past 15 months, Down syndrome which tends to produce smaller than average kiddos and a heart defect that frequently can produce failure to thrive, congestive heart failure and difficulty in growth; has miraculously managed to keep herself between the 25-50% in growth on the standard charts.

Blessings all around.

One thought on “Gratitude Journal

  1. Wow, so happy the Q is doing so well. I just posted about how weak I was feeling for a mere blood test. Congratulations on getting through such a crazy time and YAY for the Quail!


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