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Momma Monday: My Momma, Yo Momma

This past week Zuzu got it- and by it I mean that everyone has Mommas and Poppas- not just her. While Gramma was here she reasoned out that Gramma was my Momma and Nana is Lovey’s Momma. Which was a delight initially and then a little less and less sentimental as the weeks went on. At one point I heard my mom calling Zuzu Lady. Zuzu- of course responded with, “I’m not Lady, I’m Zuzu!” At which point my mom tried a new bargaining chip- that if she would continue to call her Gramma, then she would remember to call her Zuzu. You can’t blame my mom- she’s waited patiently to earn this revered title and has worn it proudly. Zuzu would agree, and then a little while later come to tell me something that my momma needed.  Oh dear. Well when Auntie D gets married this fall my guess is her title will be the next to fall as Zu continues her current train of thought and notices that D is my sister, just like the Quail is her sister. Enjoy it while you can family!


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