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corner view: bliss

Easy-peasy this week- the obvious choice is my children chortling. Ever since the Quail has returned from the hospital there has been much of this in our happy home. It’s amazing the little leaps this bird has made. One is the reciprocating engine that is the sisterhood of these girls. They have been taking great pleasure in making each other laugh. Zuzu will fly into the room, stop short ,laugh- or actually guffaw, calling out silly words- you know- things everyone thinks is hilarious- like: “Abba-dabba-cabba-boo!”They’ll both bend over in stitches over it. Resume their places and begin again. And to think I once wondered about the wisdom of having a second child and what it might take away from my first….

Although I will say- while these particular shots make me smile- I could have sworn I had shots of the two pouncing on each other. Obviously I have work to do. Should be easy enough since it is “daily” in our house!

Sail around the world in merriment:


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