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Still hangin’ in there…

All is still well on the home-front. There will be more blogging to come as we sort out new routines. There are lots of little changes happening in our daily days and we’re just trying to routinize them to make sure there is still plenty of me-time, work-time, us-time, them-time, real-life face-to-face time and cyber-time. Lots of laughter, smiles, healthy-hearty glows.

I miss my online time and friends and family that I”m away from. Even those I’m nearby- but still away from. It’s so hard to find that balance of trying to make everyone happy and still be happy yourself, you know? To make enough time for all the necessities and still have time for little indulgences. To keep up with everyone in one format or another. I’m so grateful for technology though. If it wasn’t for all the advances in society there would so much that would have to fall by the wayside due to distance and time. Even with all of these advances it is still hard to keep up with everyone- in-person and cyber. But I’m grateful for another day to try!

More to come soon…hugs, love, happiness and peace to everyone and thing.

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