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Gratitude Journal

1. Family to visit

2. Safe travels

3. a hotel to keep us overnight

4. an airline to pay for said hotel

5. nice people trying to make the best of an unpleasant situation

6. cheerful small ones who think this is all just part of the adventure

7. grandparents willing to change their plans to come get you

8. a Wall Drug donut along with free ice water and 5 cent coffee

9. perfect poo-poo timing on a long trip

10. airport carseats

11. a nice lady getting us grown ups coffee and yogurt for the baby while we wait

12. seeing the joyful spirit in your children

13. the delight on Zuzu’s face as she keeps trying to hold the little chick

14. the delight on the Quail’s face as she figures out she can crawl over to kiss mama

15. the delight on the Quail’s face as she figures out it’s cherry ice-cream in the bowl- not just plain yogurt!

16. a smooth unassisted transition from sitting to lieing down

17. extra airplane cookies

18. a childhood favorite- home-made pizza

19. a childhood favorite- original scent Jergens lotion!

20. childhood pictures to browse through and remember and smile over

21. a baby crawling without support!


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