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Mommaday: Holiday Hi-lights!

We spent the 4th of July with my parents! The trip itself was a long one. We had a flight cancelled about halfway there and ended up staying overnight in Minneapolis. Then were rerouted to another airport in order to make it there in time for fireworks.  We had a few other kinks, like our carseats going on to the original airport and not following us and a panicked Momma over the dwindling supply of diapers and pureed foods that were carried on and therefore available this side of security. But our spirits were bright- mainly due to our little girls and their happy-go-lucky-attitude they must have summoned from beyond. We were able to borrow a couple of carseats from the airport to help us get to my parents’ home safely and got an additional sight-seeing adventure worked in along the way.

In the meantime all the extra airport time alloted us:

plenty of tummy time for the Quail.

time for resting…

dinner and a show

some serious Little People reinactments

time for crawling practice disguised as relay races…

and time with the happiest kid that ever spent 2 days in an airport!

We finally got on an airplane and were headed west when we looked out the window and were grateful we hadn’t any red luggage:

and celebrated our lack of red luggage with this:

I love airplane food almost as much as I love hospital and school cafeteria food! That’s not sarcastic either! Give me airplane cookies any day of the week- when I found they started selling them in the store I breathed a sigh of relief that I could lay off pressuring the airline attendants for spares. Fortunately my newfound laid-back attitude has reaped what it has sewn!

More pictures of the actual kiddos on holiday to come!

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