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A peach of a mama…

Have you met Ds Mama? Well she’s expecting- 2, not twins- but heart-made sisters that will grace their lives with much beauty and joy. Peach & Mallory are two sweet girls from Eastern Europe that are on their way to their forever family courtesy of Reece’s Rainbow. Ds Mama has committed to bringing these girls home and has started raising funds to get them here as quickly as possible.  The painting noted here is part of her fundraiser. Head over to read the details and consider participating.

Ds Mama is a wonderful resource, advocate and friend in our community and we are thrilled that she has decided to take these two beauties into her loving home. These girls couldn’t ask for a better mama!  She’s been a real blessing in our family’s lives as we’ve navigated this new world. She’s a peach of a mama- so it’s only fitting that she become the mama for Peach- and sweet Mallory too. Bless you on your journey dear- we’ll all be following along

One thought on “A peach of a mama…

  1. What a great post. I’m so excited for her and her family. It’s amazing how our kids with Ds have positively affected our lives in such a way that so many are adopting children with Ds into their families. Just awesome!


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