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Quailday: Santa’s list is wavering…

The naughties have started literally in the last month with:

*hitting her sister

*dumping toys filled with water out of the tubby-not by accident- but by very deliberate leaning as far over to get it on the floor dumping

*pulling a David Copperfield swoosh-style removal of the tablecloth resulting in the breaking of the butter dish

*biting Momma

*biting Momma again

*yanking Momma’s hair and making eye contact looking for the reaction

*pinching Momma

*swiping toys out of Sissy’s lap

*fake crying

*Dramatic flop-downs on the ground

*dropping poor honey-bear off the highchair tray

*then switching hands and dropping him off the other side when Momma goes in for the block- all with most excellent eye contact!

*screaming her little head off in concert with the dramatic drop down log roll on to the mat at therapy, then recovering with lightening speed when Puffs are offered

*putting her tiny pudgy hand firmly over her heart when the bottom lip jutts out in protest of the No wavering on your lips…

2 thoughts on “Quailday: Santa’s list is wavering…

  1. Glad I’m not the only one–I think this list could have been made by watching Miss B! Only she is very intent on pulling her brothers’ hair instead of mine (which they probably deserve a little b/c she puts up with a lot!) but still…the tantrums of toddlerhood are upon us! Heaven help us all. 🙂


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