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corner view: me

This picture is funny to me because it symbolizes the post-partum gift from my children. I was born with stick-straight hair. I had my perm years but out-grew them once college hit. I then spent much time and product straightening it- you know trying to fit in? But one day last month I realized when I let it air-dry- it was now naturally wavy. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. But I’m working on embracing it and just going with it. It somehow seems a  metaphor for life, no?

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4 thoughts on “corner view: me

  1. I had straight hair as a child then I turned 14 and it was like some how I was given new hair. Wavy curly. Most days I wear it curly because it is just too humid here in Georgia, but for special occations I go to the salon and have it blown out. When you come out of the shower, towel dry it just a little, then bend over and with a little gel on the palm of your hand scrunch up your hair. It will give you better waves.

  2. omg! me too! i had stick straight hair and was always trying to curl it- which usually lated about an hour. after daniel my hair became curly… one more thing i like to remind him of when he´s getting on my nerves- but i secretly like it- don´t tell him;) p.s. hi beautiful!


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