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Gratitude Journal

1. a chatty baby

2. a chatty 3 year old

3. Smitten Kitchen’s artichoke-olive crostini

4. a baby eating the artichoke-olive crostini

5. bedtime

6. movies with Lovey after bedtime

7. a well polished packing list

8. a baby shower

9. babies to shower

10. therapeutic progress

11. quadraped on mommy with a laughing baby

12. up! down!

13. our itty-cat

14. a fairly clean house

15. left-over chicken

16. www and the blogs that connect us

17. the nightly, ” Hey mommy, when are you and daddy going to go lay down to sleep?” (the plotting begins…)

18. the baby squirrelling away pretties and what-nots (she pivots away from us with a look  of mischievious delight on her face when she realizes she has something that isn’t hers)

19. big-girl car-seats

20. big-girls holding hands in the car seats

21. seat-cars and keep-safings


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