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Quailday: more momma, more…

Finally the illusive more made it’s comeback on Sunday! We’ve also heard crib, attempts at diaper and on monday morning (8/2): Momom! We were sitting on the floor in her room and I was eating cereal- she wanted the cereal like nobody’s business- I’m not sure if it was an attempt at saying more or momma or a combo- either way I’ll take it! M sounds are hard to come by so I’m particularly pleased to have heard her say it so loudly and distinctly- whatever it was!

 She also started signing book this weekend right before bed, and after her jammies were on- which is when we most consistently read, and then again monday morning when I got her out of her crib. I’ll say this- we’re a loud family- it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. So the times that I can hear what she is saying is most often in the early quiet morning before her sister has realized she is awake or at the end of the day when Zuzu is otherwise engaged.  Today during OT we were looking at an animal book and when we got to the dog I said, “Say Dog!” expecting her to sign it- instead she said it! Then tonight when I was changing her diaper- I said- “Say Diaper!” and she did! She definately seems to be in the mode of being willing to try saying words!

So the updated list for my records:

She says:



Daddy (8/2)





Momma (this one was said one time a loooong time ago and hasn’t resurfaced yet- m’s are hard) (8/2- it’s back!)

bird (8/2- she has musical birdies on her crib that she can turn on and off- this morning when I sat by her crib before taking her out she said bird and turned it on!)




Big Sister

Kiss pig (8/13/10)

She signs:




book (signed it on 8/1)

momma (signed it on 8/1)

all done (signed it on 8/2 in fury when the cereal we were sharing was all gone)

Sunday night was her first big girl meal. I was thrilled for her! We chopped up a dolphin (it was chicken I promise, no dolphin’s harmed here), sweet potato and sweetcorn and put it out in front of her. We learned fairly quickly that since these don’t dissolve we had better only put out a few bites and wait for her to sign eat or more before offering more on her plate. She was so happy to eat, her pincer grasp so good- even with the slippery sweet potato and Sara Rosenfeld Johnson will be so pleased- she just chomped, chomped and chomped- just like a big girl! We’ll be getting an update shortly on our program.

My other big discovery- is a happy quadraped position for all of us! I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out but If I’m laying down and holding her so we are belly to belly- I can position her in quadraped and she will stay up in it for up to 10 minutes before dropping her head down to rest! And I think it’s helping for the last 3 days when I go to get her in the crib in the morning she turns over and gets fully up to the quadraped position and then is soooooo close to pushing up to sit- I typically inch her arm closer to her and inch her leg under her so that she is getting a minimal assist from quad to sit- when her bum hits the mattress I cheer and cheer and her little face lights up just so bright! Way to fly lil bird!


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