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Quailday: The Toddler Diaries

I keep forgetting to mention that she has tooth number 10! It came in about a week ago and I will be thrilled when they are all in. The poor lamb is  gnawing her thumbs in her sleep- ugh.  When it’s obvious that she’s having pain before bed we give her Motrin, but I’m sorry to say we don’t always see a sign of it until morning and lo and behold she now has a little spot on each of her thumbs from it.

I tell ya, beauty is hard to come by in this house. Between the teeth and the hair! See those precious piggies up above? Well I’d do them every day if she wasn’t so argumentative about them! And those bangs- well, we’re trying to grow out a page-boy style before doing any cutting. Each morning I put a little clip in her hair to pull the bangs out of her eyes. As long as she knows what I’m doing she’s content with it. Probably because she’s figured out that once Momma leaves for work and she’s in the car and out of direct line-of-sight of Daddy she can yank it back out. Oh well…

The girl’s on the move these days. She’s crawling and pulling up regularly on everything. Considering what a long-time coming this accomplishment is you would think we would be tickled. Of course what it means on a day-to-day basis is we no longer have a captive audience for various activities. Twice this month she’s just gotten up and left her therapy session! I’m guessing that insistent part of her is about to majorly assert itself. We may have to hire professional comediennes to practice her exercises and activities with her so that she can be continuously entertained!

Ok- so we are almost caught up on cute school anticdotes- the last couple of weeks:

11/18/10: After about five minutes, she decided I wasn’t as fun as the toddler dance party going on at the other side of the room and crawled over there. She spent the next fiveish minutes standing and sitting and standing and sitting some more while giggling at herself in the mirror. The toddlers were about to start story time so I tried to get her to crawl over to where they were sitting. She wouldn’t, so I crawled over to her and we raced back over to the toddlers with her crawling on all fours the whole way. Ms. Ren was reading a book about ducks. She asked “What sound does a duck make?” and the toddlers started quacking. Usually, she looks around at everyone thinking they’re strange when this happens but today she looked up at me and quacked along with a loud “da da da da.”

 11/19/10: I picked Abby up and she pointed to where she wanted to go. First she pointed to the bright yellow leaves on the tree so I lifted her up to grab one and said “leaf” and she repeated “ee.” She sat up from laying on her back on my legs eight times today! I had her do it a couple times and she was getting frustrated so the next time she sat up I layed back down on my back. She thought it was funny to crawl up on my belly and grab my mouth/cheeks/nose. So everytime she sat up from laying I’d lay down and let her crawl on me. She also did a good job of staying up on all fours crawling to get to my nose. (She’s a big fan of knocking her sister over as well 🙂 After that it was time for snack. I spent a full five minutes trying to get her to crawl to the door to go outside for snack. She absolutely would not do it. She did everything from getting excited and flapping her arms to putting her arms on her hips and pouting at me and laughing when I crawled over her to try to encourage her to crawl but it didn’t happen. I gave in and picked her up and we went outside for snack. During snack, she signed “more” everytime she got close to finishing a cracker. Once snack was done she looked up at the book holding the door open and signed “book” so I got it down to read it to her.

11/23/10: Then she crawled over to me and I had her sit up from laying on her back on my legs. She did it three times on both sides. Each time she sat up she grabbed my hands and clapped them together like, “Hey, look what I just did. You should be clapping.”

11/29/10: I sat her up on the ball in between the two bookshelves on the red carpet and she stayed up there with me rolling the ball for a whole 15 minutes. She could reach the toys on the shelves when I rolled her to the side so she would grab one and play with it then throw it and laugh. She got frustrated a couple times and laid all the way forward with her hands on the ground but she sat herself back up and kept going. After about 15 minutes she got really frustrated and started yelling. I asked her if she was done and she signed “done” so I helped her down. The toys she grabbed were all over the so I asked her to help me clean up. She picked up a toy and I told her/showed her “drop” them in the toy bin. She put away three of the toys by herself!

3 thoughts on “Quailday: The Toddler Diaries

  1. It does get easier though we have those moments still around here. My three year old was throwing a fit about not being allowed to eat the chocolates out of his brothers advent calander. He ate all of his.


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