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Gratitude Journal

1. An Ethics Bowl win! Way to go Lovey!

2. Fun with friends

3. Wayyyyyy too much to eat

4. Lots of sleep

5. A baby standing in her crib every morning

6. new favorite dishes- pumpkin bars, grilled turkey breast, pop-overs

7. chocolate cheesecake offerings! Yum!

8. snuggle-bug babies

9. a radio in my office sporting Christmas caroles!

10. a sense of humor

11. An invitation to schedule a Girls Night Out! I heart my friends!

12. snow on my blog!

13. high praise on a snap from one of my favorite photographers

14. cocoa & clementines as a mid-morning snack

15. The Elf on the Shelf joining our family

16. a hot bowl of penne alfredo with roasted red peppers and chicken

17. Nobody at our table screaming at our first meal out in weeks

18. a kid screaming at a table at the other end of the restaurant (Sorry- it makes my kids behave to hear someone else losing it for some reason!)

19. Evita ordering her elf helper to decorate her gingerbread house while she sits back eating bowwwwwwwwllllllsss of candy

20. Dora Nursery rhymes and the Quail clapping after each song

21. The Quail getting a good feeding eval- so much progress!


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