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It just couldn’t wait till Quailday….

1….2….3….4….5….6…. count em! 6 assisted steps!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled. It happened Saturday while she was on stage after her Santa visit at the Down Syndrome Family Alliance Christmas Party!  Soooooo incredibly proud of her. Maybe Santa whispered in her ear while she was screaming at him. Or maybe she felt like rocking the wild piggies atop her noggin. Most likely it was the pink-hi-topped-Garanimal-pseudo-Chuck’s-shoes. Either or any-way- she’s on her way! I had asked her to stand up and she grabbed my hands and when I told her to come here- get this….she did!

Sweet baby girl….

3 thoughts on “It just couldn’t wait till Quailday….

  1. Wow…I’m especially floored by the “I asked her…and she did it…” part. Pudge’s speech therapist finally told me last week she had no way of assessing what language my child was capable of comprehending thanks to her defiant behavior. And, yes, she used the word “defiant”. And, yes, I think she used it quite accurately.

    Way to GO, Quailie-Q! We are so tickled for you and your amazing talent. I think she was clearly just waiting for the stage. Get that girl a spotlight for Christmas. She’ll be doing cartwheels by the end of the month…oxoxox


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