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Quailday: One step for mankind…

One step for mankind...

…and a few dozen for this little rockstar! I may very well keep crowing about this all week. Please excuse me, but I am sooooooooooooo incredibly proud of our little bird! Last night, I got out the contraption that I had devised and thought might be a brilliant walking tool when the time was right and lo and behold…it worked! I put a couple of small hand weights into a cooler we have. It’s about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The perfect height for the girl to pull up on and then use to stabilize herself as she walks. All the walking toys, she’s not ready for them yet, they fall over when she tries to pull up on them and if we help her up, the slightest push causes them to fly out from under her. Even my spiffy Plan Toy Walker that I was certain would be brilliant because you could adjust the tension on the wheels. For right now, having this big heavy, but not too heavy box is perfect. She pushed it all the way down and back our hallway before plopping down!!!!!

I’m tickled as pink as those little Garanimal hi-top sneakers she’s sportin these days!

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