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corner view: improvising

 …with my parenting and discipline techniques these days.

Trying to explain to a 4 year old that Momma does know a few things and she should listen- well it’s hard. The line between wanting her to behave and not wanting to crush her spirit- it’s more like a ripple in a pond. One minute you see it, the next you end up searching for it. So……I’ve decided to go with magic. Have you heard of the Elf on the Shelf

The story goes like this- Santa sends out scout elves around the holidays each year. The elf that flies to your home watches the children during the day and each night he flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa for his naughty/nice list. Then after he is done he flies back to your home and lands somewhere else. Each morning your child has the delight of going to look for the elf to see where he is. This of course also means that said parent needs to remember to move the elf or else you may have some explaining to do to little ones. The only rule is that children cannot touch him. If they do he loses his magic and won’t be able to fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa all the good things you’ve done.

Meet TJ, who turned up at our house about a week ago. Someone….has been been trying very hard to mind her manners this past week. And while it’s still hard and we’ve had some earnest tears when reminded that TJ just saw  x, y or z. She’s also recovered more quickly and been big on letting me know the list of nice things she has done that I need to be sure to inform TJ of.

Boy I’ll be sad when he flies back to the North Pole for the last time on Christmas Eve…..

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7 thoughts on “corner view: improvising

  1. i have heard of these, but let me ask something. doesn’t your daughter realize that the elf isn’t alive? explain this to me please. i think my kids would give the elf the stink-eye. i just randomly exclaim, “ooo! just saw an elf at the window!” and then mutter something like, “wow they’re quick” or “sure glad you were behaving this time” or “uh oh. hope he forgets to report that to santa!”


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