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gratitude journal

1. an unexpected compliment

2. girl scout cookie season

3. tasty pizza

4. 7 lbs down from 1/1/11

5. thoughtful consultations

6. a new babydoll

7. Albuterol

8. hulu.com

9. spring flowers starting in January and flourishing into March

10. March Fourth

11. house hunting

12. thinking about a day off

13. a weekly weekday meal plan

14. inchstones  (what adds up to the typical milestones)

15. some camera time on a pretty day

16. playing with friends

17. stranger and separation anxiety- it shows she knows her peeps

18. Grandma & Grandpa planning to come to the ballerina’s recital

19. costume fee’s paid

20. safe travels to and from Honduras for Auntie Deb

21. Uncle Greg passing on the good words


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