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Zuzuday: from sweet pea to string bean and back again…

This 4 year old is literally growing before our eyes. I know objectively she is bigger than she was say 4 years ago- but I don’t feel like I’ve ever witnessed it so awesomely as right now. We’ve had sooooo many inquiries lately about how old she is, how tall she is and how different she looks lately. And these are from people who see her regularly. Sigh….you want them to grow up, yes. But it’s so bittersweet. I feel like I can barely remember the baby in her anymore.

Oh wait, no, at least 15 times a day she informs me she is Baby Zuzu, Baby Bia, Baby New Year, Baby Tammy….and proceeds to crawl around hollering, “goo-goo”; “gaa-gaa’. The Quail is smitten with her antics though and takes it as a personal invitation to pounce on her. Which then results in a World-Wide-Wrestling Federation style of play that I naively thought was reserved for little boys. Just as theatric, maybe not quite so bone-crushing. It does no good to pull one of them off of the other. It just gets you tackled.

And then just when you can’t stand the baby talk, and the requests for you to feed her and dress her like a baby, the play morphs into playing grown-up where she starts informing you that when she grows up she’s going to be a teacher, a doctor, a mommy of 10 girls, a super-hero, or weirdly more specifically a mommy of baby boy-girl twins named Coleman and Ellie as she grabs her purse, puts her “monies” in it and announces she is off to work. The next time the Baby Tammi game comes up, you happily put the spoon to her lips enjoying it as long as you can….

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