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gratitude journal

1. emotional maturing

2. professional development

3. rockin scores on HELP assessments

4. an unexplainable advance in cognitive development

5. off the charts social development

6. a 2 year old calling out “ticker” when she pee-pees in the potty and points to her sticker chart

7. a 2 year old toddling over to flush the potty

8. poo-poo in the potty

9. a date with Lovey and good friends & a babysitter for the kiddos

10. good monstering

11. househunting

12. spring weather

13.travel planning

14. new Old Navy cheap shirts

15. 8 lbs down from 1/1/11

16. 110 sit-ups a day

17. The HLF joining in the sit-ups

18. daily hunger cravings curbed

19. triumph over impulse control

20. a 4 year old movin-on up & being tickled about it!

21. a 4 year old excitedly describing her new routine in her new class

One thought on “gratitude journal

  1. Always love your gratitude journal.I have been heard a dozen or so times saying that I really need to start doing this type of a post once a week myself.Would help me keep myself in check, in moments when the negatives appear to out weigh the positives.Never really is that way just over shadows them sometimes.Have a few blogging buddies who do Thankful Sundays.Same idea,different name.Perhaps next Sunday will be my stab at it….

    Happy Sunday to you and yours.

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