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gratitude journal

1. a couple of reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day

2. Sweet cards from 4 year olds

3. Trouper Azaleas

4. basil, basil, basil

5. actually getting the basil in the ground

6. options and project ideas

7. a coffee break with Lovey

8. Iced Latte Season

9. rascally stisters

10. the bittersweetness of growing pains

11. tylenol

12. an uneventful day

13. the house being almost picked up

14. a 4 year old helping to pick up

15. a 2 year old helping to wipe up

16. a 2 year old signing diaper, then turning and booking it to the potty!

17. Princess Leia Pigtails on Zuzu

18. Piggies on the Quail

19. The Quail actually letting me do a front side braid

20. A day off work

21. Anticipation of Gramma & Grampa’s visit!

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