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corner view: room

Many months ago I started a list of suggestions for corner view topics. Words that seemed asthetically appealing at a given moment. And then I waited. When I saw the note from Francesca to give a topic I happily forwarded my list of suggestions unedited. I didn’t have a strong preference or favorite at the time she asked. I hate to say it, but now, well now I’m not really sure what I meant by room. Maybe to talk about and display your favorite room in your home, a room you like to visit or maybe I was mid- real estate browsing and enjoying others room. Maybe the conversion of a room. The more I’ve thought about it this week the less certain I am about what originally struck me about the concept. So you are left with a few views of the rooms in our home- since I’m not entirely sure what the original inspiration was! These are not the most artistic shots I’m afraid. I don’t take a lot of photos in our house. I tend to fill the frame with the girls or whatever the subject may be. The light isn’t great and I tend to be more inspired to shoot when we’re out and about- be it the park, our yard, a playdate or a trip to see other people. Alas- I couldn’t exactly not post since it was my topic!

the wild west...or the girl's room...


the kitchen & one of it's cooks


the living room in all it's festivity!


Corner view is a weekly Wednesday post hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by Francesca.. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or poetic in form from around the world:

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10 thoughts on “corner view: room

  1. I like to hang the tradition of stockings on the fireplace. This is a wonderful Christmas tradition.
    the rrom of your little girl is very nice. 🙂

  2. i know that feeling of losing the original drive to an idea… it is uncanny when it happens, because one is so sure when it springs. but i must say, i was totally impressed by your topics anyway, because they leave, well, room…!

  3. Luckily there is enough room to interprete this week’s topic and so there is a huge variety to be looked at! I even prefer these kind of topics that bring along surprising postings.
    Nice and lively rooms you have! 🙂

  4. I like it when people have an idea and then later on don’t know what to do with it and spontaneously rearrange their thoughts about the idea they had. More often than not, they come up with new input. (I like the little chef.)

  5. I liked this topic immediately, even though when I actually had to sit down and write, I wasn’t sure what about. It has inspired everyone, though, and I’ve visited lots of interesting rooms – including yours, with all that was behind the walls (scenes)! Thanks again!


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