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gratitude journal

1. ordinary time with special people (Thanks for traveling all the way here Gramma & Grandpa)

2. Noticing the change and difference a year makes in a dancer’s performance

3. remembering the flowers

4. flowers for a dancer from her Grandparents and Auntie & Uncle

5. Sour Cream Rhubarb Pie season

6. a pink carnival cake to celebrate a recital

7. time to photograph my favorite people

8. family to help with the yard work

9. seeing generations of hands being held

10. sweet pictures of special times

11. sweet pictures of ordinary times

12. confidence

13. the smell of the baby when she snuggles in first thing in the morning

14. resuming therapy hours

15. animated chatter

16. a little girl standing more firmly

17. patience

18. forgiveness when I lose my patience

19.getting to do our routine activities with our family

20. Lovey’s coming to the rescue

21. Lovey’s pleasantness about our need for him to come to the rescue


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