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Zuzuday: The Rehearsal

I’m so proud of this girl of mine. Last year at this time she did her first dance recital. It was at an actual theater- one that seats 400. We had NO idea it would be such a big deal. We arrived the requisite 30 minutes to curtain only to find that we were the last ones there and had to go to the nose-bleed section to find seats together. Every little girl had a gift for the teacher at rehearsal and received a bouquet after the recital. Well everyone except Zuzu. Poor girl- we didn’t know any better. Fortunately she was clear she wanted to do dance again this past year. Her school takes those interested to a wednesday class with Miss Fain. Miss Fain is a treat. She’s been teaching dance for 54 years and you would think that she just started yesterday. The woman is one of my favorite characters in this southern town. A legend to be sure. The children line up and behave better then any group I’ve seen.

So on to this year, Zuzu has been walking around the house singing a song about a rabbit for months now. When I ask her what her recital song is the response is, “I don’t know mom! Stop asking me” A preview of the teenage years to come I’m sure. Gramma & Grandpa came to see the big show and celebrate her year of hard work. Gramma & Zuzu managed to get a pink cake in the oven before our morning rehearsal and we remembered the box of chocolates that Zuzu proudly presented to her teacher. She donned her “heart pink” leotard and tutu along with her recital t-shirt and “pearls” and proudly hopped on stage. The rehearsal was as much fun as the recital itself! Post rehearsal we decorated and decorated and decorated the pink cake to the point where Gramma noted that it remined her of a circus tent. Festive indeed!

Since I’m a bit of a shutter-bug I’ll save the recital pictures themselves for next week…more to come!

While the girls napped we snuck out to the local floral shop to put together a couple of pink poseys to present post recital and managed to keep them hidden from our star.


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