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gratitude journal

1. 2 year olds running and shrieking with laughter

2. 4 year olds explaining their expertise in drawing

3. 2 year olds telling me precisely what they think of me

4. 4 year olds drawing their first flower

5. 2 year olds getting normal results from a liver panel

6. 4 year olds trying really hard to cooperate

7. 2 & 4 year olds having very full dance cards

8. Lovey taking care of business

9. everyone liking ravioli

10. Trader Joe’s

11. the ordinary looking extraordinary

12. laundry done.

13. a new-to-us water table & little kid picnic table

14. lavendar

15. a cousin coming out with just a scrape

16. an Uncle that’s going to be ok

17. a package with treats for the whole family arriving unexpectedly. Thanks Uncle Greg & Auntie Deb

18. a 2 year old saying Tur, when she sees a turtle

19. a 2 year old chasing a ball around the house

20. a 4 year old enjoying gymnastics

21. peace of mind


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