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1. Heather joining in

2. how the air makes me feel when I’m cranky and go outside to cool off

3. watching a day lily’s life

4. the flow of salt, red wine, parsley and lemon over my grilled perfection of a plate

5. realizing the children will never know we split the left over triple chocolate cheesecake

6. the anniversary of the kiss

7. when asked to choose between blueberry and blackberry as the base of the new chess pie; noticing that Lovey put both in the cart

8. feeling light-hearted

9. a memory of a grilled meal in Florence

10. Dancing with The Quail to this song

11. Lovey topping it with this song

12. yardwork done together

13. the sisters splitting a peaches & pecan waffle with fresh whipped cream

14. Fried cheese grits with tomato gravy

15. Friends gathering at a baby friendly hour to celebrate the 4th!

16. Lovey’s rebaking of the pies

17. letting it go


19. a simple childhood run-of-the-mill virus

20. sips of cool water

21. The Quail’s charm as she rushes around the waiting room patting little old ladies on the knee in some sort of blessing to them.

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