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Sunday Still Life is an attempt to capture the beauty and the depth of busy days in a slow and simple way. If you feel inspired, join Erin,  here. Keep it slow. Keep it simple.

On the heals of the precious, joyfilled news that the Quail is not in need of open-heart surgery in the next year, I returned home from work to the news that Zuzu had thrown up at school. The gratitude I feel for a simple childhood illness that only needs cuddles,stuffed animals, a plastic bucket, cold sips of water and popcicles to heal is boundless. Bless their hearts. Both of them.

3 thoughts on “sunday still life

  1. i’m sorry that your sweet girl is not feeling well but wow…you really put things into perspective beautifully. so happy for your joyful news.

    thanks for playing along this week and for sharing your thoughts on extended family over on my blog.



    • It’s a great exercise Erin! Hope your kiddo’s weekend was a happy one! And yes- Zuzu was on the mend quite quickly- and only all too tickled to be the “patient”!


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