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1. a freezer full of pesto and berries

2. grown-up birthday parties

3. yardwork with your Love

4. the smell of your hands after deadheading the herb garden

5. a soccer net sort of put together

6. little arms reaching up for  a quick dance

7. stister panda bears

8. the feeling of being clean after a long afternoon of yardwork

9. the meditative rhythm of mowing

10. kefir & cups of O’s with Saturday morning cartoons

11. staying calm where previous explosions have occured

12. waking to early morning ponderings

13. basil flowers

14. removing those basil flowers

15. the capacity to tend

16. finding early morning computer wanderings boring and breakfast with Zuzu important

17. pretty much every thing in the Trader Joes frozen food section

18. breakfast catch entertaining the 2 year old

19. rain

20. keeping company with the characters in books

21. Wino Wednesday with buddies

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